As a medical practitioner, you will have direct access to a Chartered Accountant

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M Goga Chartered Accountants Background

With over 70 years of collective experience at your service, we pride ourselves on guiding medical practitioners with industry-leading knowledge and innovative advice to assist them on their journey to achieving their unique business and personal goals.

Trust, accuracy, quality and professionalism form the foundation of our approach, and upon those values we have built a reputation as a trusted adviser to medical practitioners. We have redefined the traditional role of the accountant with an approach that considers our client’s business as our business.


Tax Services

We simplify complex tax issues for you. We ensure that you have a clear and full understanding of tax issues, to help you make the right decisions. We work with you to minimize your tax burden legitimately.

We offer tax compliance, tax consulting and tax planning services for Individuals and Corporates. Key tax compliance services include: Filing Personal and Corporate Income tax returns, VAT returns and Paye returns.

Management Accounts and Accounting Services

We offer in-house accounting services, so you can focus on what you do best – managing and building your practice. We prepare primary books of account, payroll, VAT returns, and other areas of the accounting function including annual financial statements and provisional tax calculations.

Business Advisory Services

Whether you are starting your medical practice or you are an established practice looking to grow, we provide an invaluable resource to help you fully realise your vision.

Our business advisory services will equip you with the knowledge, strategies and tools you need to succeed in ways you may never have imagined. Key services include:

  • helping you decide whether to incorporate your practice or to run as a sole proprietor
  • assistance with opening practice bank accounts
  • helping you to acquire practice and personal assets
  • setting up trusts